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In a nutshell, the length of time it takes for a claim to be paid varies from payer to payer and provider specialty type. Insurance provisions, benefits, and guidelines all are the deciding factor of how and when a clean claim will be paid. We measure your revenue management by using payment trends to maximize your reimbursement.

On average, a clean claim will be processed and paid by an insurer within 15 business days. While leaving a little wiggle room for processing delays, we measure successful reimbursement for our clients at 30 days or less.


Is Your Practice On Target?

Pays in 30 Days or Less

This is the most ideal payment trend that every practice should strive for. A clean claim submission has been achieved. No errors were found. You’re reimbursed within 15 business days. Great job!

Pays within 60 days

Not so bad, but the claim requires immediate attention in order to achieve payment. Corrections and or reconsiderations should take place here. The follow-up process should be handled in the utmost of care.

Pays in 61 days or more

Extensive appeals, unaddressed correspondences, poor follow-up, and or missed patient invoicing are delaying the payment of your claim(s). Your practice is losing money every day.


We feature a 98.7% 1st-time claims submission rate.

This means you get paid faster with our clean claim analysis.

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