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with Professional Billing Services


Years of Experience


Supported By A Dedicated Billing Analyst

24hrs or less

Initial Claim Submission


Clean Claims Submission

30% or more

Revenue Increase


Accounts Receivable Recovered


Here's What You Get

Data Scrubbing | EDI Review

Payer Guideline Review for Accurate Claims Adjudication

Claims Processing: Charge Posting & Submission

Demographic Auditing & Updates

Eligibility & Benefits Verification*

Accounts Receivable Management

EOB Posting & Financial Discrepancy Audits

Denial Management for Faster Payments

Contract & Fee Schedule Analysis

Reconsiderations & Appeals

Monthly Detailed Reporting

Cost-Effective Pricing

Percentage rate as low as 7.5% on revenue earned

A minimum flat rate of $600.00/mo may apply.**


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Recover & Thrive Financially with The 90-Day Reset℠

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Secure consistent streams of revenue and increase your reimbursement by 30% or more!

Drastically cut administrative, payroll and operation costs.

Gain professional revenue cycle management no matter the size of your practice.

Partner with a fully compliant and secure billing service.


Successful Reimbursement Starts with Applied Analysis

Think You're On Target with Accounts Receivable Management?

Checkout Our 3 Core Concepts for Revenue Cycle Management Success

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*Eligibility and Verification services are outsourced. Additional fees will apply.

**A monthly minimum income threshold applies to qualify for this billing service. This monthly flat-rate fee may apply.