Experience Growth Beyond Your Greatest Expectations


Gain the support you need to grow in every area of your practice. Here's what you get:

  • Experienced Billing Service Provider
  • Permanent Committed Support
  • Full Revenue Cycle Management
  • Fully Compliant, Ethical, and Secure practice management features
  • Drastically Cut Admin Training & Development Cost
  • Annual HIPAA training & Risk Assessment services are available.
  • Receive one-on-one support with a dedicated billing analyst

Thrive Financially With Our Professional Billing Services


Meeting the demands of today's billing challenges just got easier because we've designed billing solutions for your success. No matter the size of your practice, our billing analysts can provide the support you need to increase higher yields of revenue.

Consistency and timely service make insurmountable tasks of medical billing possible to overcome. Our company is here to assist you by providing a wide range of medical billing services tailored to your needs. We're committed for the long-haul, with you.


We Guarantee Consistent Streams of Revenue For Your Practice


Who We Bill For

Select Physician Specialties

Allied Providers, Surgical Assistants & Surgical Facilities

Behavioral Health Specialists & Facilities

Certified/Licensed Professional Counselors

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and many more!


Just a Few Additional Perks


1st-Time Claims

Submission Rate



Increase Your

Revenue by

30% or more Annually




Cost Effective Rates

Service fees are priced competitively and are based on your unique service needs. There are no hidden costs. It's really Simplistic.

Your Accounts Receivable Management Solution Awaits