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Not Your Typical Billing Service Provider

In every service that is furnished, Modified Solutions believes that you should be able to love what you do while obtaining consistent financial gains and sustain compliance as healthcare professionals.

Services are provided with solutions through tailored one-on-one support, user-friendly technology, and compliance. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your business.



Modified Solutions, LLC is a national service provider in medical administrative services.

Our focus is to deliver proven administrative practices that simplify business dilemmas for our clients across various spectrums of the industry. Services are created for the unique needs of healthcare professionals to ensure success.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide practical solutions through medical administrative services for healthcare professionals. Our goal is to help our clients customize action plans that help maximize availability and revenue through service, technology, and compliance.


Core Values

Integrity. Ethics. Commitment. Success.

As covered entities, business associates, and subcontractors, we have taken a vow of commitment to uphold the guidelines of HIPAA. Modified Solutions makes every effort to develop and adhere to regulations that ensure the protection and distribution of all sensitive documents, records, and PHI.



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