The “quality vs quantity” debate is not as cliche as you may think when wanting to make sound decisions.

It’s vital to have a clear understanding of what drives the decision-making process within your practice. Often times, decisions are determined on the urgency of a matter and what you choose can have a long-term effect on patient care and business operations.

The Driving Force Behind Your Decisions

Let’s take a look at some examples that could influence your choices:

  • Staffing shortages
  • Buying new equipment for the office, lab or surgery center
  • Implementing new software
  • A desire to increase business capital
  • Generate new leads in business
  • Gain more patients through marketing initiatives
  • Mandates on compliance regulations
  • Networking opportunities or the lack thereof
  • Outsourcing administrative services to boost workplace functionality

The Deciding Factor

Let’s be honest here. As medical providers, I can attest you need a healthy balance of both quality and quantity. But I can guarantee that QUALITY should be the deciding factor because it has the most impactful influence for the outcomes that you desire.

Let’s explore the concept of implementing software for your practice. Weighing your decisions based on wanting to avoid spending money isn’t always the best option in this case. For instance, you have to buy new software to meet mandatory compliance regulations. You have several options, but choose the less advance software because of the price.

Not electing to implement the newly advanced software into your practice because you want to avoid the upfront cost isn’t wise; if in the long run, it can provide you with access to quickly generate higher yields of revenue, then the advanced software would be the better choice.

Selecting a cheaper software would lack quality, further afflicting your collection efforts and slashing your ability to qualify for various payment incentive programs, etc. So you may resolve a problem or a desire instantaneously, but is it idealistic for producing lasting outcomes that are satisfactory? Most times it’s not, and results can be detrimental to your bottom line.

And more than likely you’ll spend more money to replace the antiquated software. Quality always wins.

Critical Thinking | Applying Action

I encourage you to make a proper assessment of what drives your decisions and make a concerted effort in letting quality being the deciding component. Trust me, you’ll never fail with quality.

If you need help sorting out your next decision, schedule your free consultation with me today.

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