Seems like as soon as you hire them, they leave, or get fired... 

Can we be honest? Your in-house medical billing office has been a revolving door for some time now. It's someone new every couple of months. So much time, energy and MONEY has been spent on countless hours of interviews and training. And for what, to do it all over again???

No. This has to stop. Your practice financial stability is at stake. This is why in this brief blog I want to share with you why outsourcing your billing service is a GREAT option for your practice.

Change Isn't Easy

Listen, I get it. You've done "it" this way for years now and you're managing ok. But, just think what you'll gain with the support of a professional medical billing service provider. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Get paid faster with Established Accurate Billing Processes
  • Get an Experienced Committed Billing Analyst
  • Centralized Billing & Credentialing
  • Full Revenue Cycle Management
  • Fully Compliant, Ethical, and Secure practice management features
  • Drastically Cut Admin Training & Development Costs

Let's Bring Back Financial Stability to Your Practice Together

The stresses of medical billing can become a thing of the past for your practice. Sign up now for a customized billing solution with our 98.7% 1st-time Claims Submission Rate. Schedule your free consultation today!

Since 2001, Simone Harris has developed a solid foundation in administrative healthcare services and business development. She has 20+ years within the healthcare sector and serves as the Executive of Business of Operations and Compliance Officer. Modified Solutions is furnished with professional medical administrative resources that are firmly rooted in compliance, integrity, and experience. To learn more visit