Our Commitment To Ensuring Compliance

Remaining compliant is a collaborative effort because it affects us all. The ethical and compliant requirements are to be taken seriously. Make every effort to ensure that it is upheld throughout your practice.

Every Effort Is Made To House & Secure Your Data

All our cloud-based platforms carry the required 256-bit encryption.

The highest level of technology is used.

Risk Assessments & HIPAA compliance training are completed annually.

This ensures the HIPAA Omnibus Rule is enforced.

Our platforms are protected, supported, & monitored securely 24/7.

ePHI is handled and housed securely.


Maintain Your Pristine Reputation

No matter the size your practice, or if you work independently, to uphold these standards, is a requirement of the law.

As covered entities, business associates, and subcontractors, we have taken a vow of committed to doing all we can to ensure the protection and distribution of all sensitive documents, records, and patient identification.

We encourage our clients to:

  • Take annual HIPAA training
  • Review Risk Assessments of your practice annually
  • Adapt to required regulations, as often as needed to remain compliant
  • Maintain accurate records through detailed documentation
  • Correct and encourage future prevention of the unnecessary gaps found within your organization.


Backup.  Protect.  24/7 Surveillance.

The ever-changing climate of the healthcare industry causes ingenuity, adaptability, and the diligent deployment of business ethics. These standards are upheld through technology. As Business Associates, Modified Solutions stays ahead of the game by adopting these core principles in every aspect of our service, while staying in compliance with the HIPAA Omnibus Ruling of 2013.

Modified Solutions features integrated software solutions for easy access and the housing of your PHI.

Cloud-based platforms are used and supported by the highest SSL, TLS certificates, and carry the required 256-bit encryption.  SaaS platforms are implemented that provide reviewing, updating, and submitting requests at no additional cost to you.

Modified Solutions is committed to your success.

Do Your Part To Safeguard PHI

Need Compliant IT Support For Your Practice?

Resources are available to ensure your success!