How can I sign-up?

Signing up is easy. Call 678-935-0520 to begin.

Are offshore billing services used by your company?

No. Modified Solutions takes the HIPAA Omnibus Rule of 2013 seriously. We feel that it is in our best practices and the interests of our clients to not use any offshore vendors to perform any of the tasks of medical billing. Maintaining the integrity, ethics, and transparency of our operations with our clients is most important.

Is medical coding provided?

No. Our primary focus is on accounts receivable management. As expert billing analysts, we are the liaison between your medical coder and the payer. While working closely with your medical coder, we reconcile accounts and find all plausible causes of payment issues. Learn more here.

Do you provide billing services nationally?

Yes! Our services are provided nationally.

How long is your credentialing process?

Typically, (from start to finish) the process can range from 30 days up to 180 days for successful completion. The estimated time is dependent on the practice size or the hospital and insurance entities.

Modified Solutions has proven and effective processes in place to combat the woes of credentialing through technology. With your collaborative help, these standards are set to ensure the quickest turnaround of your applications.

What is the cost of the services provided?

Prices are competitively set based on your service needs, level of specialty, and volume. An array of payment options are available:

  • percentage-based rates
  • flat-rate fee
  • month-month subscriptions
  • annual subscriptions

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Are you a HIPAA Compliant service provider?

Yes, learn more here.

What are your security features?

Our cloud-based platforms are supported by the highest SSL, TLS certificates, and carry the required 256-bit encryption. SaaS platforms are used that provide reviewing, updating, and submitting requests at no additional cost to you. Our platforms are protected, monitored, and housed securely 24/7. Modified Solutions is committed to your success. Learn more here.

What specialists or facilities do you bill and credential for?


MD, DO, Ph.D. & Ed.D.


CMS Approved Advanced Practitioners:

Independent Nurse Practitioners

Payer Contracted Surgical First Assistants

Other Advanced Providers & Practitioners


CLIA Laboratories, Surgical Facilities, and Clinics


Other Advanced Providers & Practitioners:

  • Fully Licensed Behavioral Health Specialists
  • Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapists
  • Payer Contracted Registered Dietitians
  • Other qualified practitioners

Don’t see your specialty or entity? No worries, we can still help. Schedule a consultation today!

What is the 90-Day Reset?

This AR Management solution has been created to rapidly reconcile old medical claim accounts that have been revolving on your reports for 90 days* and older. Increased your reimbursement potential while dismantling the traditional approach of addressing these issues (hiring new staff and unnecessary training).

It's simple: You keep 0-60 day old accounts and we'll handle the 90-days and older accounts. Easy, right?

No long-term commitment is required.  30, 60, and 90-day plans are available! Receive your FREE 15-min consultation here.

*Claims past the filing limitation will not be considered or reviewed.

Can you maintain my attestation, re-enrollment, and reappointments?

Yes! Our worry-free Sentry Maintenance Subscription allows Modified Solutions to be your liaison to maintain your payer contracts, insurance plan enrollments, online data profiles, and hospital affiliation reappointments.  There is no contract for this service, and you can cancel at any time.


I need help implementing technology solutions for my practice, can you help?

Yes! Technical support resources that can be customized to your practice needs. Click here to begin.

Do you offer Medical and Controlled Substance Licensing Services?

For qualified allied providers only.

How can I benefit from your medical consulting service?

Our business consulting service covers all spectrums of the medical industry. Whether you are an M.D., an advanced practice provider, or a business associate; the consulting services are tailored to your credentials and business needs. All are welcome. Get started here.