Charging applicable fees for patients to receive a copy of their medical records can be a tricky process.

Being that some patients have very extensive records, we understand that the process of gathering records can be very time-consuming. However, there is still a reasonable cap that needs to apply for these requests.

It’s essentially up to each practice if they decide to charge for health records requests. It’s your legal right. The goal is to be fair. Unethical practices can cause unnecessary complaints to HHS (and expose the level of your greed).

So to maintain your pristine reputation, the following should provide a guide on what’s permissible:

  1. Fees should only include the necessary costs, supplies, and postage required to create and deliver the copy to the patient.
  2. In no way should a patient be charged for fees to search for and retrieve their requested medical records. You can’t charge additional fees based on how records are requested, whether by mail, electronic or accessed in person.
  3. If health records are stored electronically, “per page” fees are NOT allowed.

And lastly, requests made by patients should be satisfied within 30 calendar days.

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