You may not be the primary surgeon, but as an independent surgical first assistant, you surely deserve to be paid.

As a surgical first assistant, hours of dedication have been put into education, and extensive training, to be an asset to your primary surgeons and patients. Primary surgeons choose you as their first assistant because of your acute execution, confidence, and astute observation to carry out a safe operation with optimal results for the patient[1].  Surgical First Assistants are in high demand, and choosing to work independently should be a rewarding experience.

Don’t Lose Momentum

Going into business for yourself can be a scary endeavor. The risk and responsibility solely rest upon your shoulders. So after gaining the courage to take the risk and jump towards your dream, the last thing you want to do is fail; especially when you don’t have to. Achieving success as an independent first assistant is a REALITY. You’ve taken out the time to set-up your own practice, establish a positive rapport with primary surgeons and other peers, and now your expertise services are in high demand. GOOD JOB!!!

Now it’s time to reap the benefits of being a business owner, and you can. Laying the foundation of a fruitful career and business, committing to establishing longevity, and making sure your ROI (return on investment) is profitable, should be your main objectives.  With the right tools, the right medical billing provider to support you (like Modified Solutions), and with personal accountability, you can succeed. You’ve got this!

We know what you’re probably thinking “been there, and done that…

Sooo, we’ve had the unfortunate experience of hearing that our clients had previous experiences with billing agencies who did not know what they were doing, to be frank. The end result: A ran-over RA, and no reimbursement. Le sigh

To be fair, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why your previous billing experience wasn’t quite up to par across the board:

  • Lack of knowledge of surgical assistant billing, and ill-informed billing reps
  • No follow-up on your accounts receivables report
  • Not billing patients who are responsible for applicable out of pocket costs
  • Primary Surgeons forbidding you to bill patients entirely for surgical assistant services (which is an illegal demand)
  • Not submitting facesheets and medicals records in a timely manner for processing
  • Unwilling to remain flexible as industry standards change
  • Expired training and certifications
  • Disorganization
  • Lack of transparency
  • Unrealistic guarantees and expectations

The majority of these reasons are an unnecessary hindrance and are FIXABLE. But if left unaddressed, these dilemmas will cause you to literally work for free… This is not acceptable nor profitable. If we can be honest, it’s not profitable for you or the billing agency. Everyone loses.

Your Future Is Looking Bright

A strong alliance with an equipped billing service provider can help you achieve what you dream of. We understand what it takes to make you successful, and our goal is to help you thrive in an industry that is in demand. We believe in you, and we’re committed to the process of what it takes to help you come out on top.

Modified Solutions is an extensively experienced billing service provider for surgical first assistants. We’re here to help calm your fears of the past, ease any anxiety of the unknown, and get you geared up for what’s new to come:  SUCCESS.  You can rely on us, and our expertise to get you set in the right direction, and remain there. Focus on what you love most, come on aboard, and partner with us as your billing service provider. Your successful future awaits!

Want more information on the medical billing service we provide or becoming an independent surgical first assistant? Take a look at this: Medical Billing Solutions.


Since 2001, Simone Harris has developed a solid foundation in administrative healthcare services and business development. She has 18+ years within the healthcare sector and serves as the Executive of Business of Operations and Compliance Officer. Modified Solutions is furnished with professional medical administrative resources that are firmly rooted in compliance, integrity, and experience. To learn more visit