Listen, accidents happen.

And then there are some intentional and neglectful dilemmas that can occur as well, but if you follow the process of what to do to maintain compliance and CORRECT the issues, it can lessen your chances of being financially penalized; if any penalty at all.

The number one thing to remember to help lessen your chances of being penalized is to report the breach. All covered entities must report breaches of all unsecured PHI to HHS.

Listed below we’ve outlined what you need to do if a breach is discovered:

Breaches Affecting 500 or More Individuals

If a breach of unsecured PHI affects 500 or more individuals, as the covered entity, you must notify within 60 calendars days of discovery.[1]

Breaches Affecting Fewer than 500 Individuals

If a breach of unsecured PHI affects fewer than 500 individuals, covered entities must report the discovery within 60 days by the end of the calendar year. [2]

Breaches can be reported upon discovery, but this will buy you a little bit of time.

PLEASE NOTE: All breach discoveries must be reported electronically and require that you notify the affected individuals as well. Go to to find additional details.


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